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  • Let's make this simple. The filling process can be confusing and overwhelming, especially to patients with ongoing refills. It can even cause patients to delay or abandon treatment.

    Well, that is why the Galderma® CAREConnect Program* was created. You can easily fill the prescriptions your commercially insured customers need and you can help them pay less out-of-pocket so they stick with their treatment. Easy enough?

  • Save patients money on the prescriptions they need. It’s simple.

    When you run insurance first, you help ensure patients are paying the lowest possible co-pay for their medication. Many pay as little as $0.*

  • Boost patient adherence. It’s easy.

    Stick to three simple steps and save your customers money on every Galderma prescription so nonadherence is a nonissue.

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1 Fill Galderma Prescription

Look for Galderma prescription products when you're filling scripts. Galderma CAREConnect provides savings and support in convenient ways to promote adherence for your patients.

2 Run Primary Insurance First

Remember to run the patients primary insurance first. When you run insurance before the Galderma CAREConnect card, you optimize the program and support adherence by reducing the barrier of cost. Plus, you help your customers afford the medication they need.

3 Improve Adherence

When filling prescriptions are simple, patients are most likely to refill them. Not only does Galderma CAREConnect simplify savings, it simplifies the entire process so patients choose to refill their Galderma prescriptions at your pharmacy.

Are your steps in order?

Simple savings for your commercially-insured patients.